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MHL is a online design company based in Edinburgh. We design and build sites and apps for the web and mobile. We love doing what we do.

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last updated 9th June 2013

New sites

Have just finished the first phase of a project for University of Edinburgh on the literary heritage of Orkney and Shetland (see The next phase of the project will see the development of a project-dialogue area and an interactive called "writing the map".

Phase one of 'A Secret Golden Age' is live at (next phase is an app development). The project, also commissioned by University of Edinburgh allows visitors to explore the pre-18th century literary heritage of Edinburgh.


Work progressing - making small wooden works; am thinking about the transformative impact of coming into a grove or clearing in a woodland... anyway some of my artwork archive can be seen here.

Mark Haddon on LinkedIn      I rarely tweet, but have added this in the hope that one day I'll get more enthused by the thing...      

Project Blaster

An information Literacy site for the Learning Zone at National Library of Scotland

MHL was involved throughout all stages of the creation of this project for the Learning Zone at the National Library of Scotland, from initial concepts through to scoping, definition, design and video and animation production.

In addition to the Learning Zone team, other key people on this site were children's author Allan Burnett, and illustrator Claire Murray.

Visit Project Blaster

Project Blaster screenshot

Cameron Optometry

Designing with insight
Cameron Optometry is a highly successful bespoke opthalmic optometrist, who are already recognised for setting the benchmark in their areas of expertise. They consider themselves to be the "absolutely the best" and wanted their website to reflect their position in the marketplace. The task was to design a site that remained approachable to the core audience, while simultaneously asserting an underlying message of a company that is a confident, cutting edge market leader.

Visit Cameron Optometry

Cameron Optometry screenshot

Shakespeare Collected

Cut and paste
Shakespeare Collected was commissioned jointly by University of Edinburgh and the National Library of Scotland to make available online their unique collection of early Shakespeare folios and quartos.

A parallel interpretive/educational aspect of the site looks at early collectors who contributed to this collection and provides an interactive feature that is intended to reflect early 'scrapbook' style collecting techniques.


"Mark Haddon grasped the brief very quickly, and was able to convert our sometimes sketchy ideas into clearly worked out plans within a short space of time. He fulfilled all commitments and requirements promptly and according to the agreed timetable, and he ensured that all our technical and design requirements were ably met. We were very happy indeed with his management and implementation of the project".

James Loxley, Professor of Early Modern Literature, University of Edinburgh

Visit Shakespeare Collected

Visit the companion learning site: Getting Started with Shakespeare

Getting Started on Shakespeare screenshot

Main web portal and the Learning Zone for the National Library of Scotland

Main Site
Commissioned by National Library of Scotland to design their main public facing website. Design was to be 'Responsive', upbeat and flexible enough to be able to accommodate existing content structures, facilitate easy migration of old site across into new CMS.

Learning Zone
Subsequently MHL was commissioned to design the new Learning Zone website. The design was required to both sit firmly withing the new main NLS website brand, yet also meet the Learning Zone's specific remit in targeting and reaching new audiences.

All work done for the NLS is designed to meet their exacting Accesibility and Usability standards.

Worked with brilliant illustrator Ed McGowan on this project.

Visit the NLS site here

Visit the Learning Zone

NLS screenshot



Public Sector and Heritage


  • Standard Club
  • Charles Taylor Adjusting
  • Inalytics (now superseded)
  • Glenmorangie Extranet for Moët Hennessy.
  • RBS, Online ad campaign assets for Global Banking & Markets and Group
  • Bank of Scotland (now superseded)
  • Schroder Investment (now superseded)


Online software, brand development, design and usability

  • Have done a great deal of work on UX, usability, interface design and brand development with online market research software company ChatCloud and before that with Ebox. As part of this process I also produced user guides and a range of marketing assets, for example this video.


Mark Haddon Ltd. has over 15 years experience developing and designing online software, websites and interactive features.

We have a thorough understanding of the drives and strategic imperatives in several markets including learning, heritage, public sector, commercial and SME and have honed our skills to meet the specific needs of each.

We provide:

  • Creative development and consultancy including design, accesibility and usability. Our UX development process is focused on designing user journeys that best join client objectives and user needs.
  • Content development including interpretation, copy writing, photography, interactive feature development and interpretive resource development
  • Online video and animation

We work within a network of highly skilled online specialists and so can quickly create teams around the specific needs of individual an project. We can provide technical development and consultancy in a full spectrum of platforms and frameworks, including mobile.

We're a small company so it matters to us that we make a measurable difference to your organisation's business.


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